Virgin Hair vs Remy hair – Which one is better for your business?

The need for beauty is growing along with society’s development. In the past, only women were concerned with their appearance; today, everyone wants to be attractive. They care for not only the clothes but also the hair, especially wigs. They frequently have to spend a significant sum of money merely to purchase low-quality hair because many of them do not fully comprehend those hair types. When consumers must compare pricing and quality, the range of hair types – such as Virgin hair, Remy hair, Raw hair, and Synthetic hair – confuses them. Virgin hair and Remy hair are the two most sought-after hair kinds in the world, even among those who have high standards for high-quality hair extensions. What sort of hair are they, then? Why is it so cherished? Keep an eye on this blog, VieHair will help you understand the true meaning of Virgin hair and Remy, what is the difference between them, and which one is better than the other?



The most expensive and highest-quality hair is virgin. The term “virgin” typically refers to something that is unaltered and pure from its original state. When it comes to hair, we can easily comprehend that these hairs are the person’s initial, natural hair. They have not been colored, dyed, bleached, dried, or subjected to any heating effects. In order to enhance the extraordinary quality of virgin hair, it is meticulously trimmed off the donor with all cuticles still present.


virgin hair human hair hair factory viehair
Vietnamese Virgin Hair.


Although it is presumed that any hair advertised as virgin hair would genuinely be virgin, the true definition of virgin hair is unprocessed, but regrettably, this is virtually always the case nowadays not happen. Why do businesses use chemicals to cure hair? The fact that customers desire to get virgin hair that has not been subjected to any chemical treatments at a reasonable price, is the answer. However, the majority of intact hair available today has been chemically treated to give it a fleeting sheen and can occasionally be blended with synthetic fibers for a fuller look. The chemical treatment method improves the uniformity and beauty of the hair extensions. The silicone coating gives the hair a brighter, more beautiful appearance. However, this has a lot of drawbacks since after you washed it, the hair ceased to be “good.” Therefore, hair that has just undergone steaming processing is now considered to be authentic virgin hair on the market. Additionally, you shouldn’t worry too much about the quality of your hair because it can last for a very long time if you use a reputable hair manufacturer or firm with a perfected hair steaming technique for the clothing and hairstyle you have bought.

Even now, virgin hair can satisfy the high standards of famous European clients. You can also point out to your consumers that virgin hair needs to be taken care of with the best products designed just for it. Customers purchase it for a modest sum of money, and when they use it, they must be careful, knowledgeable, and knowledgeable about how to care for and keep it. Hair fibers can last for several years since they are strong and long-lasting. Natural hair that costs hundreds of dollars is frequently made with this kind of hair.




Remy hair extensions are collected from various donors, and the hair might have been exposed to dye, relaxer, or bleach. Therefore, Remy can only be bleached into medium colors (From color#4 to color #27), unlike Virgin hair, which can be bleached into bright colors. Despite having a similar structure to virgin hair, Remy hair has various qualities. The hair’s outer cuticle is organized in a single direction. This means that the scalp’s hair follicles are all aligned and grow in a particular direction by nature. The hair will get smoother if the hair develops in the same direction. Even if the head and tail are in the same order and move smoothly from top to bottom, it will still break if used for an extended period. After washing and drying, the majority of wigs created with Remy hair are not tangled.


human hair Remy hair Vietnamese hair viehair
Vietnamese Remy Hair


Remy hair is not valued for its quality as much as Virgin hair. The producers have gathered long hairs that have been gently groomed or colored because the input selection is not too tight (With this type of hair, the cuticles have been gradually lost, so the hair does not have good flexibility and elasticity). Generally speaking, “Remy” natural real hair still has a soft texture and is frequently utilized for high-end services like producing full hair, genuine hair with a scalp, and adding highlights to hair.

Remy hair can be treated exactly like natural hair.  You can style your hair as you want, whether that be by straightening, curling, blow-drying, dyeing, or even washing it! If you’re a female who likes to switch up her look frequently, Remy hair extensions will make you look beautiful in any outfit. Although it is a rather pricey item in Africa, many people choose it. Women in Africa frequently change their haircuts and do not make as many requests as the picky clients in Europe. In African nations, purchasing wigs with expensive materials like virgin hair is extremely uncommon. Instead, they will spend a sizable sum of money on hair extensions, and they desire to own numerous sets of them. Depending on usage, hair lasts an average of 6 months to 2 years. Additionally, they need more frequent and specialized treatment.

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We think that every female wants to acquire premium hair extensions. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy Virgin hair products if you want to invest in something that has a long lifespan, is flexible in styling, and especially feels like your own hair!

Currently, the global hair extension market is expanding daily. Additionally, scam businesses are always changing. Many ladies shell out thousands of dollars to purchase lifeless hair from dishonest vendors who wrongly think it is expensive hair. There are currently no tight regulations because the hair extension market is so young. Traders are free to make any mark, regardless of potential or unexpected consequences. We assume that you have heard of Vietnam if you work in the hair extension industry. Each of our goods has undergone extensive testing since we always prioritize our clients’ needs in terms of aesthetics.

Outstanding benefits for Vietnam to attract international customers as a supplier of hair extensions include: 

+ Wigs created from 100 percent real hair appear natural and authentic. Straight from Vietnamese residents, particularly mountainous ladies, who use natural products to care for their hair. 

+ No need to be concerned about how styling, coloring, or stretching will damage your natural hair. 

+ You will feel natural while wearing it because it is made of high-quality mesh and strands, and it is also easy to wear.

With 7 years of establishment and growth, Viehair Company is one of the top businesses in Vietnam engaged in the business of exporting hair to other countries. Having been in this business for ten years, we constantly deliver the highest caliber goods made by Vietnamese artisans. Vietnamese hair is always of the highest quality in the world, which makes us always proud. Visit our website, where you’ll discover wonderful things like advice from our online team on the greatest, most attractive, and best haircuts for you. 



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