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Are you tired of the same old hairstyle that you have done too many times over the years? Are the many hairdo options making you feel uncertain and concerned? So how can you pick a haircut that complements your features and stays current? Don’t worry; Viehair will assist you in selecting a lovely hairstyle that will be popular in Europe in 2022.



Lovers of ’70s style, rejoice! The shag haircut has returned in full force. Best of all, the adaptable cut looks well on a wide range of hair types, from thick and curly to straight and fine. The majority of ladies with shoulder-length hair can style it in a medium shag. This is a casual cut that works for all hair types and lengths, bangs included. Because its classes define it. However, in 2022, this haircut will be incredibly well-liked. This hairstyle will predominate, especially shoulder-length hairstyles.


Shag haircut viehair human hair european hairstyle
Shoulder-length Shaggy Hair Style.


Give shaggy hairstyles with a side bun a try if you want to look fashionable. Request that your stylist adds some feather layers to that bouncy curl. Then, to give portions a slightly different appearance, wrap them 1 12 inches around the curler so the ends don’t tangle. To add volume to your hair, spritz it with hairspray and use your fingers to softly smooth it. And you’ve developed into a chic, outgoing girl.



A stylishly gamine woman will often have a short women’s haircut called a pixie cut. This is a hybrid between a bob and a bixie. A short haircut with a little additional length at the top is called a bixie. Even if the form is only short and the haircut adds volume, it still seems extremely 1990s. If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that the old is new, at least when it comes to fashion for hairstyles. In the end, the bixie haircut is a style that combines bob and pixie features and may be altered to fit the texture of each individual’s hair.


Bixie Hairstyle Viehair Human hair
Bixie HairStyle.


You might have noticed that currently, Hollywood celebrities like Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway have been sporting the pixie cut. It is undeniably an upward-trending hairdo. Go for a pixie haircut if you’re naturally tomboyish or just want to mix things up a bit and don’t mind a crop! You might lose the majority of your locks, but you gain a straightforward wash-and-go style, more confidence, and tons of compliments.

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Although it used to be a very specific look, this hairstyle is flexible and can be worn with any hair texture, from fine to coarse, according to Rubenstein. Long, medium, shoulder-length, and short layered haircuts are just a few examples of layered haircuts. You can blend fringe hairstyles with long, short, or medium-length layers.


Heavy Layers Viehair Human Hair
Heavy Layers Hairstyle


Additionally, you can style them on short, thick, wavy, thin, or straight hair. The addition of layers will help lighten and add flow to fine, thick hair. If it is smooth and thin, light layers may be preferred to retain as much hair as possible. The only requirement is that you should be good at using a blow dryer and a round brush to take good care of these shiny curls.



The middle-parted hairstyle has been mainstream for decades, starting in the 1920s, 1970s, and 1990s, it made a successful comeback in 2021 and continues the trend in 2022.  Proof The middle part has become fashionable in recent years, and many celebrities, particularly those with long hair, sport it. These are the hairstyles for you if you’re looking for beautiful center-part hairstyles.


Center Part Viehair Human hair
Center Part


Nothing is impossible to achieve with the appropriate attitude, whether you want to try a voluminous curl, go for a goofy bob with a center part, or simply acquire an updated style with a center part. You might try the gorgeous and fashion-forward hairstyle known as the Messy Bob with a Center Part.



According to Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, “slicing is a texturing technique intended to break up solid shapes and remove weight, generating movement and texture.” “You get a sliced bob’ when used on a bob. The hairstyle is slick, blunt, and textured. The cutting technique turns a blunt long bob into a low-profile appearance that is sumptuous and thinner, according to Nine Zero One’s master stylist Lisa Satorn.


Slice Bob
Slice Bob


Everybody looks good in a side-cut bob, although logically straight hair looks superior. If you have curly or wavy hair, styling it will take extra time. This haircut looks very good on thin hair because it adds texture to delicate hair without taking away too much weight. You look to have fuller hair as a result of this. Straight hair won’t require much styling to appear excellent, as was already mentioned. The sliced bob is the quintessential cool-girl cut; it is a sleek, razor-sharp shape that needs no upkeep. It is effective on many different textures and hair types. Naturally, it’s the ideal wintertime outfit for when you don’t have the energy to spend on style but yet want to look stylish. It was dubbed “cool babysitter hair” by the hairstylist.




Hair with bangs human hair
Hair With Bangs.


The fringes on the forehead are still very popular, according to hairstylists. In many various styles, bangs are always in style. Tassels are truly making a comeback, whether it’s in the form of slanted, sleek bangs or soft, 1970s-inspired bangs. We would like to suggest the following great pairings to you: Long and Wispy Bangs: These long, flowing bangs look great with thin, curly hair; The majority of nations continue to favor soft micro-fristed, brow-length bangs; Use a styling cream or spray and carefully wrap each hair strand around your fingers if you have textured hair to keep it in place. If you have wavy or straight hair, you can use hairspray after blow-drying to keep it in place. 



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