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Virgin Hair vs Raw Hair – The Luxury Hair Fever in African Countries | VIEHAIR COMPANY

With the growing variety of hair products and uses, consumers also need to know about the price, quality, and variety of hair types. It takes several years of experience working in the hair industry to have the knowledge to precisely determine the differences between each type. What distinguishes the two widely used hair types, virgin […]

Human Hair From All Over The World – Which One Is The Best? | VieHair Company

Are you a hair wig wholesaler? Do you already own a hair business? Then you must wonder which country has the top-quality human hair at a reasonable price, so you can choose your favorite hair vendor that can help maintain your business. Well, this article is for you.   1. Human hair   One may […]

Human hair blend – Yes or No? | VIEHAIR COMPANY

Human hair blend – Yes or no? Both human hair and synthetic hair have benefits and disadvantages, and depending on the situation, one is preferable to the other. Depending on your needs, schedule, and financial situation, either is a fantastic option for you.     The user always feels the most natural wearing human hair, […]


How to properly and safely bleach my hair? How can I do it myself but still get the amazing color like I just went to a professional salon? Those must be popular questions most of us came up with. If you are on a budget, or you want to search for a step-by-step tutorial on […]

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