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Human hair blend – Yes or no? Both human hair and synthetic hair have benefits and disadvantages, and depending on the situation, one is preferable to the other. Depending on your needs, schedule, and financial situation, either is a fantastic option for you.


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What is human hair blend?


The user always feels the most natural wearing human hair, though. Synthetics can hardly compare to the softness, lovely sheen, and flexibility of the hair. Do you actually understand the type of human hair blend? Should I buy a human hair blend? Right now, Viehair will share with you the knowledge about human hair blends so that you can answer the problem “Should you buy a human hair blend?” 

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       1. What is human hair blend?

The word “human hair” refers to hair that really is essentially similar to hair from genuine humans, including hair from donors and your hair. If the hair is authentic with 100 percent human hair, you can do whatever you want with it. You look great because your hair looks almost exactly like your natural hair. While human hair blend hair only contains that combination of human hair and synthetic hair.

Depending on the manufacturer, there will be a difference in the ratio of these two types of hair. A wig will contain up to 80 percent authentic hair in a 50/50, 70/30, or higher blend. Don’t worry about the ingredients of the synthetic, which are used to mix with human hair are normally heat-friendly synthetic.


human hair, hair, human hair blend


 2. The advantages of human hair blend

a, In African nations, particularly Nigeria, synthetic hair is a more economical alternative to actual human hair.

African women typically change their haircuts 6–12 times a year, with Nigeria being the most popular region for this practice. Because it is long-lasting, hydrating, and dyeable, human hair made entirely of natural hair is valued, but the price is expensive. In addition, cheap Asian human hair mixtures are widely available here.

A set of human hair costs up to $3000 and the lowest price of a synthetic set is $100 for heat-resistant wigs. While the price of a good quality, heat-resistant human hair blend is only around $400 – $900. This is a rather large disparity for those with average incomes or students.


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b, A human hair blend can maintain the style for longer.

You can alter the style you desire even though both human hair and synthetic hair (the heat-resistant variety) can tolerate the heat from straighteners, curlers, and dryers. In this situation, having both human and synthetic hair will assist you to have stronger hair. The heat-friendly synthetic fibers will maintain their shape after being handled by skilled hair stylists, while the human hair strands will assist you in creating an exquisite hairstyle. Each of these items will allow you to have an appealing and long-lasting style.

The good news is that a human hair blend can maintain curls longer than human hair for girls who prefer a sexy hairstyle. One piece of advice is to wash and air dry your human hair blend wigs before wearing them. By incubating your hair once a month, you also can deep condition it. It will maintain your style longer than you had expected.


c, Human hair blend is more lightweight and comfortable

There is a clear difference that synthetic hair feels lighter than a human hair. Depending on how many bundles you have in your hair and how dense it is, your hair may really be a little bit heavy. And all of that adds to the lightness of synthetic hair. 

You won’t feel uncomfortable on hot days because of its benefits. The movement of your hair will become more natural and energetic with a lesser weight than human hair.

You ought to be able to express your own view regarding human hair blends after reading this text. A reasonably priced wig with a very soft texture that feels like your own hair. Only you are aware of your financial situation and intended demand. You can maximize your resources according to the quality you want. No matter what kind of hair you select, whether it’s human hair for a high-end wig, synthetic hair for a variety of models, or human hair blend for the ideal combination, always keep the guidelines in mind. Our care report to obtain a lovely and appropriate hairstyle for you.



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