Can you dye your hair if it is already bleached?

Women normally feel the need for a makeover. They crave a change that usually start with their hair. With the dark color hair, it will seriously limit to change the various colors of hair; Therefore, bleaching the hair is one of their choices to diversify the color of hair and make a change for your appearance. However, after bleaching the hair to the highest tone (#6.1.3), you may meet the trouble when you want to dye the hair to the other color like red, blue, pink, so on. In this post, we will answer the question if you can dye your hair if it is already bleached.

The answer is ” YES”. Definitely you can dye your bleached hair but please have it done at a proffessional salon. These are some reasons for this.

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Store-bought box dyes are one-size fits all, or more accurately, one-strength-fits-all, meaning they are made with the highest concentration of chemicals so that they will work on most all hair types across the spectrum. Putting strong chemicals on bleached hair is damaging hair that has already been compromised. Even if it is “all natural” or “naturally derived” it is still very strong and can cause hair to break off or in severe cases melt off.

Almost all salons and colorists will “tone” hair after bleaching it. This is simply using dye on bleached hair, but at a lower “volume” or strength, to add pigments that shift the blonde color in certain directions (platinum, sandy, icy, strawberry, etc.) away from plain yellow and orange. This is completely normal.

If you want to go DARKER, you can use a dark brown or black ammonia-free hair dye (semi- or demi-permanent) with a low-level salon peroxide developer (generally 6-10 volume) that simply deposits color on your lightened hair. Professional colorists should also mix formulas that “fill” the hair with missing pigments that were lost during the bleaching process so that the end result looks natural and not muddy, greenish or grey.

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If you want to go LIGHTER you will need to bleach your hair again. I recommend waiting at least two weeks MINIMUM between bleaching sessions to allow your hair to recover. I definitely do NOT recommend trying to use a lighter-colored dye on your hair, which could cause extensive damage and will likely not turn out anywhere close to the desired color.

Source: Internet

Direct-dye fashion colors such as Pravana (without ammonia or peroxide) and temporary vegetable dyes (such as bright pinks, reds, blues and purples) are generally safe to use on bleached hair. The only downside is bleached hair is technically compromised (damaged) already, so bright colors will fade quickly and require regular upkeep.

With bleaching hair, please be careful to choose a dye that will not cause the damage for your hair.

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